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practice what you preach


March 16, 2016
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What a strange couple of weeks I have been having!

It is an amazing thing, working with companies to help them to identify who they are, what their unique value is, and how to translate that into a marketing strategy that really resonates with their ideal clients and essentially, converts into paying customers. The thing I never quite appreciated, was just how hard that introspection really was!

Here I am working with all of you, and yet in the back of my mind I am still trying to establish “Who Am I?”

I had to take a good long look in the mirror yesterday as I have been so hung up on getting everything queued up to go live, that I really hadn’t established my own voice. I was trying to get as much value into my content – the facts and knowledge that you need to move forward – but I wasn’t adding my essence to my writing or my work.

The lesson I always teach first to my clients is that the emotional connection between your brand and your client is what will win you their custom. You could have the best ever product or service, but if your clients don’t connect emotionally with you, will they hear you shouting the rational benefits of your product over the noise of the next company?

So, lesson of the day….
Start at the beginning. Know yourself before you start trying to send your message out there, because if you are confused, your clients will be to!