Sharing Brand Strategies you can really work with!


I created the Get Branded! programme following the same structure and techniques I have used over the past 5 years whilst helping business owners, just like you, to build and launch successful brands.

I get asked all the time about the first steps in building a successful brand, but I also see A LOT of people skipping this vital step. When I ask them why, the response is all too often that they either don't see the value, they don't believe they are big enough to need to spend time or money on branding, or simply they don't feel like they can afford the right advice. But these same people don't see the return on their marketing efforts that other people in their industry get, no matter how great their product or service.

Here's the truth that I share with them; I know that once you get the right advice, and are given the correct steps to take with enough time to action them, your brand will become just as memorable as you are! you will see it quickly start to attract the right type of customer, you will find your rhythm, and you will see the results in your bottom line

So, are you ready to learn about my debut programme Get Branded!?


  • You've spent loads of money developing your brand colours and a great logo, but now you have no idea what to do with them.
  • You have created a brand, but you seem to be attracting all the wrong type of clients.
  • Branding is not your priority, you see it is an optional expense that you don't need.
  • You launched, but you had zero impact on your target market.
  • You feel like you are being drowned out by all your competitors and you have no idea how to get noticed above the noise or to show yourself as different.
  • You feel overwhelmed and don't know what steps to take or who to ask for help to build your brand.
  • You are ready to turn your brand into a success!


What if you had access to....
  • The secret to not just attracting clients, but turning them into your biggest fans!
  • A well thought out, well executed strategy, creating an image which validates your premium pricing so you can charge what you are worth!
  • Business altering time-savers and templates which allow you to re-purpose and package information to save time and money in the future!
  • The knowledge of all the elements you need to create a well developed functioning premium brand which earns you £££
  • Proven strategies to launch and present your business with confidence and consistency every time you appear in public
  • A unique, well branded company which reeks of confidence and earns you well deserved money every day!
I want to Get Branded!

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Get Branded! and change the way you see your business!

Are you really ready for this?

I don't have time for waffle, so the Get Branded! programme is chock full of strategic insight and actionable solutions. I am really excited about helping you to grow through branding, and I am going to share with you content which is going to change the way you look at your business forever.


I have organised this programme into 4 easy to follow modules, each filled with secrets and strategies to help you quickly build your dream business!


I know you don't have time to sit through hours of presentations to get to the good bit (because neither do I!) so, I have taken all of the unecessary information and thrown it, then organised what you really do need to know into step-by-step actionable content that you can immediately start to implement


Using a combination of workbooks and Q&A sessions, tutorials and webinars, with a few cheat sheets thrown in for good measure, I will share a variety of techniques to help you to dive deep into the heart and soul of your business, and bring your brand personality to life.


Inside the private Facebook group that accompanies the course, you will be able to access an incredible pool of knowledge, ask for feedback and support, and share your success! I'll be there at least once a week for a Q&A, but I'll also pop by to help answer any ongoing questions you might have.

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What we will cover in the Get Branded! programme

Find your Unique Position in the Marketplace

We will...

  • Talk about how you find you unique essence and what makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Discuss what is in a name and how to find one which says everything your customer needs to know about you
  • Assess your current standing in the marketplace and what you are offering
  • Develop your brand promise
  • Identify your ideal customer, and then track them down so you know where to find them!

Discover your brand's heart and soul

We will...

  • Ask the difficult questions to find out why you are in business
  • Identify your brand values
  • Define your vision for the future
  • Craft your mission statement

Uncover your Essence and bring out your Personality

We will...

  • Discover what personality best suits your brand
  • Develop a tone of voice to match your personality
  • Learn to express your brand personality through each contact
  • start to live your brand

Develop the Visual Assets which represent your brand

We will...

  • Find the colours which truly bring out your personality
  • Find the fonts which tell your story
  • Make you iconic with the knowledge to develop a first class logo
  • Define a list of assets which you can template to give consistency to your brand

As an added extra you will walk away with...

  • Framework to tell your brand story to connect emotionally with your customer!
  • Grab-and-Go cheat sheets on a range of topics
  • Checklists to help keep you on brand
  • A brand strategy template that you will populate with everything you learn throughout the course


  • A winning brand strategy you can be proud of and work with
  • A carefully carved out position in the market which is unique to you
  • A clear understanding of your customer and where to find them
  • A promise you can live by, that your clients can depend on
  • Values which you can rely on to guide every business decision
  • An authentic and consistent image that your clients will recognise anywhere
  • A clear vision and defined mission to take you forward
  • Colours and images which represent your brand personality


  • Marketing managers who see the need to update their brand to keep up with the changing market
  • Brand owners who want to add new life to existing business and are interested in rebranding, or refreshing
  • Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers and business owners who have a business ready to go, but who have not yet established their brand
  • Business owners who have launched, but not seen the interest in their product or service

Get your name on my Pre-Sign-Up list to reserve your space at the locked in price of just £97!!

There will be absolutely no obligation to register once the course opens.

I want to Get Branded!

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I'm a brand strategist and I spend my days building and managing compelling brands for fantastic businesses who are just not quite connecting with their ideal clients. I offer lots of support and aim to be a sounding board for my clients so they can really start to take control of their brand.

To build a strong brand you have to know the ropes, you have to acknowledge the steps in the process and be honest about the parts you can do yourself, and which aspects you need to outsource. I am here to help you make those decisions, and to walk you through the stages as you build up your brand - specifically for your business.

Remember - I'm always here if you need me!