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Citroen C5 Aircross wheel


April 15, 2019

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and it seems to me that the way to a consumers wallet may be through their heart!

When it comes to big-ticket purchases a lot of us won’t recognise the emotional element that comes into play! Last week I picked up my gorgeous new car, but when choosing what to go for I hadn’t realised just how much my brand affinity would affect my decision.

My first car was a Fiat, but my second in 2002, was a Citroen C3 in Sky Blue, and I LOVED that car! It was my absolute joy to drive around in it. So much so that when a family member (who shall remain nameless 😉) borrowed it and wrote it off (!!!!!) I quickly took the insurance money and replaced it like for like.

So, when hubby and I began searching for our new family car, we had some RATIONAL choices to make. We have three gorgeous kids, and I drive around with supplies as if Armageddon is about to hit, so the car had to have space for three high-back car seats, a full size buggy in the boot, and a partridge in a pear tree!

Initially we were being very practical and looked at some very nice 7 seater cars. They weren’t our style, but we had resigned ourselves to the fact we would have to compromise our taste on the look for the purely RATIONAL (there’s that word again!) and practical aspect of fitting in our family of 5.

But then…

Cruising social media as I do, someone mentioned the new Citroen C5 Aircross – a five seater car, with the holy grail of three full width seats in the back, and it has an enormous boot!!!

My heart did a little skip as my memories of driving my C3 around N14 whilst blasting out Garage and RnB tunes came flooding back to me. I smiled to myself. I looked up the car and to my joy it was in the SUV style which my hubby and I preferred.

The deal was done in my mind there and then. The test drive was merely a practicality to appease the sense of rationality that we all feel when spending our hard earned money. Emotionally I was sold before we entered the dealership. I played it cool to hubby as I didn’t want to look like I was being childish in my preference, and we test drove two cars that day, all the while I was secretly hoping he would see the Citroen outweigh the competition. When he looked at me and asked which I preferred I very calmly discussed the practicalities of both cars and shrugged that the Citroen had seemed a nicer drive, and maybe I liked the style of it better, and also maybe it was a better size for me, I had wanted to have five seats not seven after all. He laughed and saw right through me (although he definitely preferred the Citroen too!) and we struck a deal to buy my car.

The point of  this post? Brand affinity and loyalty are valuable commodities. Yes your product may have the practical upper-hand which will drive the RATIONAL part of the decision to buy, but the EMOTIONAL side cannot be ignored or undervalued.

Why not take some time today to find 3 ways you can build emotional connections with your ideal customer? It will be worth it, I promise!