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May 18, 2016

“I’m just going to launch, I don’t really need a brand vision or mission…do I?”

Oh how many times I have heard these words.

But I can’t stress enough how much you really DO need to have CLARITY before you can have real enduring success.

Your brand vision is the key to your success

I don’t care if you are a 31 year old Mum working from home, or a 50 year old CEO with loads of employees and huge offices at your disposal. If you do not have clarity through your brand vision, mission and values at the beginning, you cannot develop your personality to then forge the relationships you need with you customers to keep them coming back time and time again, you cannot attract the clients who will be desperate to work with you at any cost, and you will struggle to stand out among the sea of competitors who are occupying your market space.

To find true business clarity takes some work. You need to create a structured and defined brand strategy. Just to be clear – I am not talking about basing a strategy around your logo, colour scheme and fonts. The word “BRAND” has been somewhat reinterpreted to be solely about the image your company puts forward in its communications, but to be branded means far more.

I am talking about your company brand as a whole. The heart and soul of your business. The brand vision, mission, values, personality and tone of voice. The well defined product benefits and audience profile. The promise that creates a rationalised stamp of approval and reassures customers of what they can expect when they deal with you and your business. The connection with your clients’ sense of self which makes them feel you are the best emotional fit for them.

Have you ever had that feeling?

That “I finally get it” moment when everything falls into place, and you completely understand how you want to move your business forward?

That moment you realise you have been searching for clients in the wrong places, that you have been approaching the wrong people in the wrong tone, or it suddenly dawns on you that your business is not a true representation of what you were trying to achieve? That suddenly you can see the path you need to take to reach success?

That feeling should NOT be happening in your business.

That’s because, if you begin with the right steps, you should be living with business clarity EVERY DAY from day one. If you can put these steps into action for your business, you will get deep beneath the surface, and you will find a sense of purpose and direction.

I talk about these steps a lot in my free email series “5 Days to Brand Brilliance“, but they centre around the premise that if you spend time at the beginning really getting to grips with your foundations, and your deep brand strategy, and place it at the core of your business, you will always be able to answer as to why you are making the decisions that you are, and your customers will understand exactly what they will get when they deal with you.

With every, single business decision you make, you should be able to relate back to your base strategy, and ask yourself – “How does this moment tie in to my strategic goals?” “Is this how my brand persona would behave?” and if it doesn’t fit, it probably isn’t the right decision.

How well do you know your business?

Whenever I talk to business owners about their brands, I am amazed by the huge variation that exists. The vast spread of how people describe their companies. But I’m never surprised by how that correlates with their profit margins! You can pick out almost immediately those that have taken the time to get their foundations firm before they went out to market.

Successful entrepreneurs will always take the time to understand their offering. They have a clear brand vision of what their future should look like, a defined mission statement of what they hope to achieve, they have carved a clear niche out within the market which they can occupy, and they have a real deep understanding of what their clients want and need. They have developed their strategy based on their heart and soul, and their personality shines through every client interaction. They know why they are offering their service, they have a complete understanding of what the benefits of their product is to their clients, they are confident in their marketing, and they know what the future holds.

Some business owners have spent a lot of time and money on developing a great looking logo and a clean colour palette, but they are now looking at these designs with no idea of how to push themselves forward. They don’t understand how these great assets are going to win them new business, and the truth is, they aren’t. Not on their own. These designs are not their brand, they are simply artwork…

Any of this sound familiar? Let’s start to change the way you think about your business. Brand it from the inside out and find the clarity that you have been lacking.

I’m always here if you need me….

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