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May 10, 2016
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So, yesterday I had the most FANTASTIC day focussing in on my personal brand imagery. What does that really mean? Let me tell you all about it…

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed some of the kick-ass brand imagery which other online coaches and consultants are using to promote their courses, and having tried to achieve the look I wanted by myself, decided I was best leaving this to the professionals! I immediately searched online for personal brand photography and I came across this great blog, but I was overwhelmed at the thought of taking this huge step and investing in my business when I haven’t even launched my first paid course, so I navigated away.

For days I procrastinated, I thought about how much I wanted to work with this photographer that I had found, and regretted the fact that I hadn’t called her. Then I realised that I needed to take my own advice, after all, one of the biggest things I teach my clients is that your imagery speaks mountains about your business. I decided that my brand deserved to be represented by imagery that was as vibrant, energetic, and fun as I try to be!

So I did it! I took the chance and I booked the photographer I had now been stalking online for about a week. What a great decision! Becky Rui turned out to be the most inspirational photographer. From our first conversation she was engaged and interested to hear about my business, my products and my brand. She took it all in, and she processed it, then came up with a fantastic plan for my shoot.

Yesterday was the big day, and we had an absolute blast! I took shots all around London against the vibrant colours and using the high energy as the perfect backdrop to my brand. At every point throughout the day, Becky would bring me back to my clients, my products, and my essence.

“What do you want this photo communicate to your ideal client?”
“When will your client see this image and what frame of mind will they be in?”
“What will people feel when you use this shot?”

Not only was the shoot a complete success (I can’t wait to start using my new brand imagery!), but I also found myself with a whole day to just consider my brand. I really connected with myself, and looked at who I am. My choices of outfit and location as well as poses and backgrounds all spoke to me about what I value, and what I want from life. I discovered my “me-ness” for want of a better word, and within that lay my personal brand identity.

Why am I telling you all this – well it is simple. Your brand exists when you are not there to represent your company in person. When a potential customer or client first sees your company, be it online or on paper, they will make a judgement about whether yours is the kind of company they desire to work with. That decision will be based heavily on how you are visually represented. I don’t just mean your logo and your colour choices, but also your choice of imagery. Get your imagery on brand and working for you, and the emotional reaction from your ideal client will be spontaneous and uncontrolled. They will be drawn to you and they will become your biggest fans!

Need help with any of this? I’m always here if you need me, you can email and we can take it from there.

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